Ruta Skadi's Armour

Diamond shaped scales made of grey metallic fabric


A black dress with a skirt of layered thin textiles and triangular scales covering the chest, shoulders and neck.


This costume was worn by the character Ruta Skadi in the BBC HBO series His Dark Materials. She was the Queen of the Lake Lubana clan of witches and 416 years old. Can you spot Skadi's throwing nails near the bottom of the case? 


Sisters, let me tell you what is happening, and who it is that we must fight. For there is a war coming. I don’t know who will join with us, but I know whom we must fight. It is the Magisterium....

Ruta Skadi’s speech, from The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman


Five black pointed foam sticks about 20cm long each, treated to look like metal

Ruta Skadi's throwing nails from the HBO BBC production of His Dark Materials with Bad Wolf.



Watch a clip of Ruta Skadi wearing her armour in the BBC HBO production of His Dark Materials
(c) BBC HBO Clip generously provided by Bad Wolf.




To coincide with these film objects going on display, the museum is running schools sessions linked to His Dark Materials. These encourage students to reflect on the literary themes and characters in Philip Pullman's novels alongside usual interactions with the collections in the Museum and thinking about the many worlds represented through objects within the displays. Some quotes from young people about the character of Lyra are shared below. You can click on the images to enlarge them.  


This costume was worn by Ruta Skadi, the Queen of the Lake Lubana clan of witches, when she confronted Serafina Pekala, the Queen of the Lake Enara clan of witches.
Sophie and Elinor, Year 12, The Cherwell School. 


Ruta Skadi was for hundred and sixteen years old, with all the pride and knowledge of an adult witch queen.
The Subtle Knife, Philip Pullman
– quote chosen by Year 12 students at The Cherwell School 


Ruta Skadi has a Bluethroat daemon called Sergi.
Zac, Luca, and Jacob, Year 12, The Cherwell School