Exhibitions and Case Displays

12 July — 16 October

Long Gallery (Ground Floor)

This exhibition presents a selection of photographs on the subject of kabuki theatre, the popular Japanese style of drama which developed around four hundred years ago and still thrives today.  Drawing on the recent work of photographers Akio Kushida and Stephanie Berger, the large-format prints explore the history and traditions of the dramatic form, taking for their focus the celebrated actor Nakamura Kanzaburō XVIII and his two sons and heirs.  Also conveyed — in the photographs and with accompanying video — is the energetic and colourful, sometimes raucous nature of modern-day kabuki performance.

23 May – 7 August

Case display curated by the women of BK.LUWO

BK.LUWO is an international women’s group which was originally started by refugee women from Northern Uganda in 1999. The group now welcomes women from all nationalities and is based in East Oxford Community Centre. It is a volunteer-run organisation and are very proactive in the local Oxford community.

The aim of the group is to empower women by breaking isolation in the community, learn new skills whilst developing existing ones through sharing knowledge and experience. The space they offer is for women to freely speak homeland languages, socialise, tell their stories, laugh together, find empathy or time to heal from a painful past.

6 June – 11 September

Case display (Lower Gallery, First Floor)

Over the last six months all 140 Year 9 Design & Technology students from Langtree School have been working on the ‘Inspiring Amulets’ project with the Pitt Rivers Museum. They visited the Museum to gather ideas from their designs from artefacts on display, then spent six weeks creating their pieces at school under the expert tuition of jewellery designer-maker Kate Coker. The students have learnt techniques including ornamenting and shaping soft metal by hammering from the reverse side (repoussé) and adding colour using enamel. 

Until 31 October

Showcase display to mark the centenary of the Oxford and Pennsylvania expedition to Siberia

In May 1914, Polish anthropologist Marie Antoinette Czaplicka set off for Siberia in charge of an expedition to study the reindeer-herding Evenki people. She was twenty-nine years old, had recently completed a diploma in anthropology at Oxford, and had started researching the peoples of Siberia, looking particularly at spirit worship and shamanism. This small temporary display of artefacts and photographs explores the expedition, the extraordinary hardships its members endured, and the Evenki people that were the focus of their research.

16 August 2016 – 12 February 2017

Case displays (Lower Gallery, First Floor)

A showcase of textiles and embroideries from the collections of Sheila Paine. This display will feature material assembled by Sheila Paine during her fieldwork throughout East and Central Asia. Items on display will include yurt amulets from Turkmenistan, Uzbek hats and fine embroidery from Pakistan, as well as other examples of textile craft from East and Central Asia. There will also be a related exhibition of Sheila Paine’s photographs (opening in the Long Gallery November 1 2016 – April 30 – 2017).