Miscellaneous Papers

Miscellaneous Manuscripts not forming part of any larger series of papers

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the material comprises manuscript items of relevance to the Pitt Rivers Museum and its collections that do not form part of any larger series of papers
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1-2    BLACKMAN, Winifred S. Two typescript press releases for the Science News Service concerning her work in Egypt c.1925-1928. Donated by the Museum of the History of Science, 1984. 3pp.
3    BORNEO AND SARAWAK. Collection of material relating to Borneo and Sarawak, possibly the collection of R. W. C. Shelford, although the papers are in numerous hands. Items found amongst the Blackwood Papers. 44 items and 14 photographs.
4    GAMLEN, William Blagdon. Copy of letter 6.8.1873 from John GRANT to W. H. GAMLEN on the subject of lodestones. dd J. C. B. Gamlen, Oxford. 3pp.
5    PITT-RIVERS, Augustus Henry Lane Fox. a) List of “Specimens illustrating development in the form of hand fire-arms” b) 2 letters to A. Hall dated 21.11.1882 and 3.12.1883 on the subject of the destruction of Dane’s Camp (Northamptonshire) Purchased 1980s from H. Bristol. c) 5 letters (dated 1887-1894) to Rev W. Ward (Rector of Silverton, Devon) on the subject of excavations at Woodcuts and Bokerley Dyke. Also a copy (?by donor) of a letter from Pitt-Rivers (from Woodcuts) dated June 11th 1888. Donated by Joseph H. Ward, 1994. d) Manuscript note on the translation of an Ogham stone inscription, reporting remarks made by Richard BRASH of Cork. 1pp. Relates to 1884.98.5.
6    VON LUSCHAN, Felix. Letter. 5.1.1886 to Sir Arthur EVANS re: work and anthropometry. 1pp. Includes two letters from donor. dd Joan Evans 1942.
7    EVANS, Sir John. Letter 10.12.1885 to Prof Henry MOSELEY giving ref. on mammoth and reindeer. 1pp. dd Joan Evans 1942.
8    CALLET, Oscar W. Letter 10.9.1882 sending Sir John Evans casts of N. American archaeological finds. 2pp. dd Joan Evans 1942.
9    STAINER, J. F. R. 1pp. ii) Letter 29.9.1934 to Henry BALFOUR (presumably) 2pp. re: provenance of his father’s musical instruments from Sudan, including extract from a letter 28.9.1934, from Sir Ernest A. Wallis BUDGE, the original source of the items.
10    DAWKINS, Sir William Boyd. Watercolours of flint implements. Entitled “Original drawings of Bude stone implements illustrative of those found in the Hyeena-den at Wookey Hole. North-American-Pre-celtic” About 1900? 5 pp.
11    HARRISON, Benjamin (1837-1921). 3 letters (1 with drawings) & note. 1.1898 and 2.1898 to Alfred Russel WALLACE re: eoliths and their uses. Letter 30.10.1900 BH to Edward Burnett TYLOR sending flints from Ash Pits (1894 excavations). Letter 14.11.1900 BH to Henry BALFOUR re: flints sent to Museum etc. Watercolours of flints from Ash Pits. 4 sheets, 2 dated 1898, 1902. Printed finds sheet with data on a series of flints from Ash Pits, Kent. Notebook of outline drawings of flints, entitled “Rude implements from the chalk plateau of Kent. Eolithic. B. Harrison, Ightham. June 24 1895”
12    GANN, Thomas William Francis (1867-1938) An account dated January 1898 describing archaeological activity in British Honduras (Belize). 6pp. Transferred from Ashmolean Museum. Identified by David Pendergast, June 2008 (see Related Document File).
13    JEDDERE-FISHER, J. Map of France and 2 diaries of travels, i) 1837 to Brussels and Switzerland ii) 1843-1844 to Rome, Naples and Paris. Also letter from donor. dd. Mary Venables 1941 (see also 1941.8.308).
14    DEW, Sir Armine Brereton (1867-1941). Pamphlet. Baluchistan Administration Report 1920-1921. Political summary. (Calcutta 1921); Sheet. The Story of Sayed Ahmed by Alif Shabham (A. B. Dew); Newspaper cutting “The Indian Frontier”; typrescript. Memorandum of the Frontier Administration. 8pp; Pamphlet. Foreign and Political Dept. Notes by A. B. Dew (Quetta 1921).
15    JENNESS, Diamond (1886-1969). Letter 3.7.1913 on board HMCS Karluk to Henry BALFOUR. 7pp. Copy of contract between D. Jenness and the Geological Survey of Canada. 2pp.
16    LONGBOTTOM, E. H. Unpublished typescript and hand-drawn figures and graphs on a collection of Ashanti gold weights made in the 1940s. Includes letter from donor. 25pp.
17    PAULI, Carlo. Letter of acknowledgment (in Italian). 11.2.1892. 3pp.
18    HUNT, E. H. Letter to H. BALFOUR, 30.11.1937. 1pp. enclosing ‘A Comprehensive Treatise on Inorganic & Theoretical Chemistry’ by J. W. MELLOR. 2pp. Letter to H. BALFOUR, 3.12.1937. 1pp. enclosing typescript ‘Report of Bhanamatti by J. B. GOAD’. 5pp. Typescript. ‘Notes on three cases of Black Magic. (Branamati). 18pp. Typescript. ‘Cup Marked Stones in the Hyderabad State’. 9pp.
19    LEE, John (1783-1866). Bound Manuscript entitled ‘Catalogue of the Collection of Manuscripts, in the Library of Dr Lee at Hartwell House’. dd Estate of L.H. D. Buxton.
20    BRYCE, John (1833-1913). Map ‘Sketch Line of the Country between Whanganui and Taranaki’ with ms marginalia. Letter. to JB from Colonial Secretary’s Office (G. S. COOPER), 14.9.1888 enclosing list of Maori electors on the Electoral Rolls in each of the Electoral Districts. 2pp + envelope. Typescript. 1886 Natives on the Electoral Roles. 1pp.
21    BRIGHAM, William Tufts (1841-1926) (Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum) Letter 25.11.1913 to H.G. Beasley enclosing photographs of fish-hooks.
22    BASTIAN, Adolf (1826-1905). Translation of Bastian’s Die Vorstellungen von Wasser & Feuer by A. Bastian by Miss Pitman, 1918. 61pp.Original published in Zeitschrift fur Ethnologie I, 1869.
23    CROWFOOT, Grace M. Folder of notes on Stringing Stools and Beds [in] E. Sudan. Includes correspondence to H. BALFOUR 1932 enclosing items, short typescript 5pp., diagram, 5 photographs.
24    THOMAS, Major R. S. Correspondence relating to Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia from Ernesto KORNEL, 1924-1927. 38 pp.
25    ROUTLEDGE, William Scoresby. Letter. 20.5.1915 from Easter Island concerning the manufacture and collection of obsidian items (in PRM collection). 1pp.
26    PEAL, Samuel E. Bound manuscript entitled The Canoes of Assam (1870). Includes a number of pencil and pen and ink drawings and one albumen print. dd. Commonwealth Forestry Institute 1971.
27    BARTLETT, Edward (1836-1908). Seven letters from Henry BALFOUR 1899 on the subject of acquiring examples of fire-pistons and other Bornean items; 12 from D. J. S. BAILEY, 1894-1897, from Simanggang, Sarawak.
28    ATKINSON, C. A. (presumed) Drawing (dated Sept 1896) of witch-post and room in shoe-maker’s shop, Danby, Yorks, Sept 1896. Annotated in several hands, including Henry Balfour. 1pp.
29    COMPLIMENTS DU JOUR. Manuscript notebook titled ‘Pour des compliments’, a collection of compliments du jour (1864-1892) written by a peasant and given to Estella Canziani in Savoy.
30    GOAD, L. B. 'Report on Bhanamatti'. Bound typescript relating to Indian magic practices. Circa 1916. 67 pp. Donated by Mrs M. Meppen-Walter, 2010 (2010.15.1 - see also ObjectsPRM).
31    FUNAFUTI, Levuta (Ellice Islands). 6pp. Notes and drawings based on

tracings of tattoo markings. Includes undated note from Henry Ling

Roth to Henry Balfour thanking him for the loan of the drawings. One

drawing has a note on the reverse "Ling Roth Funafuti tattoo",

possibly written at a later date by T.K. Penniman. The ascription to

Roth is questionable. The original tracings were possibly made by

William J. Sollas on the first Funafuti coral boring expedition in

1896. It is also noted that Caroline David, the wife of the lead

geologist on one of the coral boring expeditions, also made tattoo

tracings on the island.
32    Typewritten document titled 'Miri Mission Report 1911-1912'. 32pp.

See 2010.76 for accompanying photographs and related documents.

Donated by A. Kerwood, 2010.
33    GUEST, Thomas. Letter to John Sims, dated April 12 1796, written from Free Town, Sierra Leone. Discusses the collecting of botanical and ethnographic specimens. Purchased July 2012. See related documents file. View letter (pdf).
34    Typescript of an unpublished article titled Insect "Pets" by I. M. Allen [Ivor Michael Allen 1931–1963)], dated August 1963, 17 pp. Includes envelope with 6 pen and ink illustrations to accompany the article. Also letter to Allen from T. R. E. Southwood (Imperial College) dated 12 August 1963 discussing possible amendments to the text. (Allen was a PRM staff member who died in October 1963.) See http://england.prm.ox.ac.uk/englishness-I.M.-Allen.html
35    Two ink drawings by Irene Margaret Beasley pasted onto one archive mount board. One drawing is of a Maori man (with tattooed face) and with the title Tihi o the rang below, the other is of a tattooed head. Note on reverse [Henry Balfour’s hand] notes ‘Drawn by Mrs H.G. Beasley After Dittmer 21.10.10’. Reference is to illustrations in W. Dittmer’s Te Tohunga: The ancient legends and traditions of the Maoris. London: Rutledge, 1907.
36    MERCER, Henry Chapman. ’Note on black-topped red pottery in India’, 1906. Ms ink, 8pp.
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