Windrush Memorial Lecture: Daughters of the Windrush

Saturday 22 June, 19.00 - 21.00 

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Welcome to the Windrush Day Memorial Lecture – Daughters of the Windrush event! Join us at the Pitt Rivers Museum for an insightful lecture honoring the legacy of the Windrush generation.

This in-person event will delve into the experiences of the daughters of the Windrush pioneers, shedding light on their stories and contributions to British society. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, reflect, and celebrate the rich history of the Windrush generation. 

Film maker and producer Bea Freeman shows her film ‘Daughters of the Windrush: The Descendants’ Stories’, highlighting the experiences of the women – wives, daughters and granddaughters of the Windrush generation. Their voices speak about the lives of those women, and their achievements against the odds. The film celebrates the women, largely forgotten by the history makers, who helped to change Britain and British identity.

Bea Freeman and guests will join a discussion panel hosted by Junie James, Director of the Afrikan Kultural Heritage Initiative to talk about the film and the questions it raises.

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