Plastic Fantastic: Replicating Historic Musical Instruments

Saturday 14 September, 14.45 - 16.00 

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Can 3D printing replicate the sound of an 18th Century recorder?

Using the latest in CT scanning and 3D printing technology, from a desktop ABS print to the latest in SLA, and Multijet printing technology, we have replicated an 18th Century ivory recorder - several times...

Now we need to hear what they sound like! 

Come and listen to recorder player, Chris Evans, play them all and help decide if any sound like the real thing.

Come, listen & cast your vote!

From 14.00-14.30 and 15.30-16.00 the Oxford Northumbrian Pipers group will be performing on the Museum's Lower Gallery.

This event has been organised as part of the Oxford Open Doors weekend.