Natives Inspired: Activism and Empowerment in the Arts

Monday 19 July, 18.00 - 19.30 

Beyond the Binary banner with activist slogans behind white harmonium

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Indigenous people have continually created works of art for function, cultural expression and meaningful connection for thousands of years. An underrepresented aspect of Indigenous creativity is art made as a catalyst for activism and empowerment. Whether the medium is traditional or contemporary, Indigenous artistry is inherently rooted in activism. To be Indigenous and share your identity today through art is revolutionary, when historically colonial laws have done the utmost to suppress and punish those cultural expressions of thought and memory. Featured in this webinar are several Indigenous artists who convey activism through their creations, both in and outside of the museum experience. Join them in a discussion about what inspires their work, how they incorporate activism into the artistic process and what museums and art collectors can do to create a respectful relationship with Indigenous artists. Curated by Beyond the Binary community curator and Métis artist, Dan Laurin.

Webinar supported by TORCH Oxford as part of the Humanities Cultural Programme.

This webinar is part of the Pitt RIvers Museum Radical Hope series. All talks will be recorded and are available to view after the event on the Radical Hope page.

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