Native Spirit Film Festival Opening Night: Screening of Mâmawi-nikamowak (They Sing Altogether) 2021

Tuesday 12 October, 18.00 

Mâmawi-nikamowak poster

The Pitt Rivers Museum is delighted to collaborate with the 15th Native Spirit Festival and the Bawaadan Collective on the opening of this year's festival. Over Zoom, the Museum will host the festival opening with the UK online premiere of Mâmawi-nikamowak (They Sing Altogether) created by the Bawaadan Collective. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with members of the Collective, who are working to create inclusive, mindful spaces, and better represent Indigenous peoples in the mainstream. 

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You will also be asked to sign up to the Zoom webinar to join the event.

Bawaadan Collective, a group of mainly Indigenous creatives from the Great Turtles Back envision a group of like-minded Indigenous artisans and accomplices, who are interested in continually developing our collaborative approaches to modern artistic storytelling and film production processes. It is their goal to constantly adjust our organisational structures and modes of storytelling to create inclusive, mindful spaces, and better represent Indigenous peoples in the mainstream.

Mâmawi-nikamowak (They Sing Altogether) 2021 is a 61 minute web series consisting of 21 artists and 25 shorts. Social media has magnified the way we connect and share our stories. It has revolutionised the way we resist, live, play and create. We have celebrated this unprecedented level of connection by creating, collaborating and curating work from artists all across the Great Turtles Back. 

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Native Spirit is the UK's first and only annual independent festival promoting Native filmmakers, media, artists, Indigenous languages and narrative sovereignty. Part of Native Spirit Foundation, a year-round non-profit cultural and educational organisation, founded in 2005 by Mapuche leader Freddy Trequil to promote knowledge and awareness of Indigenous cultures and longer term projects supporting community-run education in Native Schools (Nueva Escuela).