Family Activities - things to do and make at home

The Pitt Rivers Museum has been running workshops for families for more than twenty five years. In that time we’ve created all sorts of wonderful craft activities inspired by the Museum’s collections. Here are some tried and tested projects for you to make at home. We hope you enjoy them!

carp kite How to make a Carp Kite (pdf) carp kite
how to make sheets How to make sheets (pdf) how to make sheets
how to make a reindeer How to make a reindeer hat (pdf) Reindeer hat
Salama Salama - the outrigger boat (pdf) Salama
Africa Naga neck ornament from India (pdf)

Festival mask Festival mask (pdf)

festival mask

Mancala game Mancala game (pdf)

Mancala game

Cobra Mask - museum Cobra Mask (pdf)

Cobra mask

shadow puppet Shadow Puppets (pdf)