Artists' Interventions

Since 1987 the Pitt Rivers has provided opportunities for artists and makers to exhibit their work in the galleries. Aiming to appeal to a wide range of visitors, this opportunity is also offered to students and community groups, working closely with Museum staff.

The earliest shows were often in the Balfour Building, a separate location on the Banbury Road, which closed in 2001. Today they usually occupy one of the original wall-cases on the Museum’s Lower Gallery, but sometimes they colonise less predictable, out-of-case locations. Despite the limited space, the galleries also frequently serve as the backdrop to more transient work created by dancers, musicians, performance and sound artists. Many more artists have provided workshops or demonstrations as part of the activities programmes.

Artists’ proposals are usually selected through a formal application process, although a few are commissioned or spring from collaborations with other institutions. The common feature of the interventions programme is the site-specific genesis of new work, created in direct response to the collections, the architecture, the Museum’s unique atmosphere, or discussions with staff about their work. The Museum currently has four stated themes of interest and ideally any proposal should relate to at least one of these themes:

HOPE: Resilience, redress & reconciliation

NO BINARIES: Queering and questioning collections and displays

MAKING: The creative case for health and wellbeing

NO BOUNDARIES: Home and belonging / Migration and identity

If you wish to contact us with a proposal for an art project, please email


Artists' Interventions: history

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