National Curriculum Subject Areas: Art and Design
Length of session: 20 minutes
Maximum group size: 32

Learning Outcomes

•    Learn how to create a sketchbook using the objects in the Pitt Rivers collection 
•    Learn about objects and the techniques used to make them
•    Learn to reflect on responses and annotate sketches and images
•    Learn to make connections and develop new directions 
•    Opportunity to sketch from primary source material

Session Outline

This introductory session helps students focus and maximize their time when doing art activities in a museum environment. 
Students will learn about the history, present and future of the Pitt Rivers Collections with a focus on some key objects that connect to your chosen theme. 
Alongside hints and tips, artist sketchbooks and key exercises are shown, to inspire new directions and connections.

Popular themes include: identity and representation, body art, masks, light and dark, pattern and texture. 
All sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the students, based on a discussion with the teacher before the visit. 

‘The students gained so much from looking at real sketchbooks, it helped them to understand what to do once they were out in the galleries!’ (Secondary Teacher)