The shipwreck in a diamond mine: analysing the ivory cargo of a 16th-century Portuguese merchant ship

Investigators: Dr Ashley Coutu (Research Fellow, Pitt Rivers Museum) & Professor Shadreck Chirikure (British Academy Global Professor, Institute of Archaeology, Oxford)

Funders: The European Union, Marie Curie International Fellowship "TEMBo"

Together with curators at the National Museum of Namibia, archaeologists at the University of Cape Town (South Africa), and geneticists at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (USA), Dr Coutu and Prof Chirikure are investigating the origin of shipwreck cargo from a 16th-century Portuguese ship recovered during diamond mining operations on the southern coast of Namibia.  

In 2008, offshore diamond mining on the Namibian coastline uncovered the remains of the Portuguese vessel Bom Jesus, which wrecked off the coast of Namibia in 1533 AD.

The ship carried large quantities of valuable cargo, including copper ingots, gold coins, and 100 tusks of elephant ivory.

Using a combination of stable isotope and ancient DNA analyses with archival and archaeological records, the team are working to source the ivory cargo to habitats in West Africa.  The results of these analyses reveal patterns of ivory acquisition and circulation during the formative stages of maritime trade that linked Europe, Africa, and Asia. 

Find out more about 'Tusks found in 500-year old shipwreck reveal origins of ancient elephants and impact of the ivory trade'. (Press release, 17.12.20)


Project publications:

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Further resources:

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