National Curriculum Subject Areas: Art and Design
Length of session: 60 minutes
Maximum group size: 32

Learning Outcomes

•    Learn how to create a sketchbook using the objects in the Pitt Rivers collection 
•    Learn about objects and the techniques used to make them
•    Learn to reflect on responses and annotate sketches and images
•    Learn how to setup a still life using objects from the handling collection and take part in extended still life workshop
•    Understand what cultural appropriation is 

Session Outline

This is an extended version of our popular Sketchbook Introduction that supports students in their sketching or photography and encourages them to engage with objects. Students learn how to set up and then create still life drawings, while gaining an understanding of cultural appropriation in all its forms.
Students will learn about the history, present and future of the Pitt Rivers Collections with a focus on some key objects that connect to your chosen theme. They will find out hints and tips, look at artist sketchbooks and then in the remaining time, take part in a practical workshop using objects that can be touched and moved to explore light and shadow, texture and form and colour contrasts.
This session is completely bespoke and the teacher is able to choose the theme, change the activity or indeed add in parts of other sessions that we offer. All sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the students, based on a discussion with the teacher before the visit. 

‘It was incredible to touch and work with objects so closely. Everything I asked for! Thank you!’ (Secondary Teacher)