National Curriculum Subject Areas: History, History A’ level Native American Civil Rights    
Length of session: 60-90 minutes
Maximum group size: 32

Learning Outcomes

-    To understand what coloniality is and how the Pitt Rivers collections can be seen as a ‘footprint’ of colonialism
-    To learn about Western Expansion, the Plains Wars, treaties, and sovereignty through looking at key objects in the museum’s collections
-    To analyse and discuss Wounded Knee, Fort Snelling and the effects of the Dawes act and the Medicine Lodge Treaty
-    To understand assimilation policy and its devastating effects on Native American culture

Session Outline

Student will have the opportunity to work with objects from the museum’s archive, handling collection and core collections to gain an understanding of key issues relating to Native American History. 
Students will take a guided tour around the galleries to look in-depth at objects that were made and owned by specific groups affected by Western Expansion, the Plains Wars, the Dawes Act, Assimilation policy, Citizenship and the New Deal and will also engage with contemporary responses to historical events from the ancestors of those affected. 
They will also have the opportunity to assess primary evidence relating to assimilation from the museum’s archives and see objects of self-representation in a handling and discussion session. 

‘The session matched the A’ level curriculum and students were able to build on their existing knowledge. It was also great to see these histories told through the voices of Native American artists!’
Secondary Teacher