National Curriculum Subject Areas: Cross-curricular
Length of session: 20 minutes
Maximum group size: 32

Learning Outcomes
•    To understand the history of the museum and the collections it stewards
•    To understand how and why the objects were acquired and how the Pitt Rivers foregrounds many voices to interpret these objects 
•    To learn how to use and research different collections that are located within the galleries 

Session Outline

The Pitt Rivers museum holds objects from almost every country in the world. To understand the collections, students will learn how objects were acquired, displayed and interpreted in the past and contrast this to the new ways of working that are happening in the present. The students will learn about self-representation and the ways in which the museum seeks to foreground multiple voices and consult with the communities that are connected to the object it holds. 

‘My students were fascinated to hear about the history of the museum and excited to hear about its future’ (Secondary Teacher)