National Curriculum Subject Areas: English, Geography, Art
Length of session: 75 minutes
Maximum group size: 32

Learning Outcomes
•    Find out about the totem pole and where it was made in Haida Gwaii, a group of islands off the North West Coast of Canada
•    Understand how looking at one object closely can tell us about the lives of the Haida people who made it
•    Appreciate the design and stories carved on the totem pole

Session Outline
In this creative Take One… session, pupils are inspired to look closely at the totem pole and use it as a springboard for imaginative and critical thinking.
Activity 1 Questioning and handling Pupils look closely at the totem pole and handle objects made by the Haida people to develop understanding of Haida skills, beliefs, values and environment.
Activity 2 Museum search In small groups pupils find Haida objects round the Museum to develop understanding of Haida life.
Session 3 Storytelling Pupils find out more about Haida culture in an illustrated plenary.  Pupils hear a traditional Haida story about raven and create their own tricky tale.

Great balance – able to touch and hold objects, discuss, listen, look.  Class act – well presented, great resources, good communication beforehand.” (KS2 teacher)