National Curriculum Subject Areas: Geography, History, Art
Length of session: 75 minutes
Maximum group size: 32

Learning Outcomes
•    Understand how nations of the Northern Plains used to live, hunting bison and living in tipis
•    Explore the close relationship between the Plains people and their environment
•    Appreciate how objects can tell us about people and their identity, and how traditions continue today

Session Outline
In this guided tour round the Museum find out how nations of the Northern Plains used to live and how some traditions continue today.
Activity 1 Life on the plains Pupils find out what life used to be like on the Northern Plains in this illustrated introductory session.
Activity 2 Guided tour Pupils are taken on an interactive guided tour of Native American objects round the Museum. Please organise groups to have a ratio of one Education Guide to every ten pupils.
Session 3 Museum activity Pupils find and draw objects which people of the Northern Plains might pack in their bags when moving camp to follow the bison.

It was wonderful for the children to experience, see and touch items.  I’d love to bring the children back for our next topic.” (KS2 teacher)