Joanna Cole

Job summary

Joanna is Project Officer on the Museum's Multaka Project, working on a collection of slides from the Middle East taken by Jenny Balfour-Paul.

Joanna loves working with objects and photographs from all parts of the world, but she has a particular interest in archaeological and ethnographic collections from Central and South America, and South Asia. In her spare time, she enjoys learning ancient languages and reading about world mythology.


Joanna studied at University College London, receiving a BA in Archaeology in 2010 and an MA in Medieval and Renaissance Studies in 2012. In the latter, she combined Anglo-Saxon archaeology, languages and literature.

After graduating, Joanna volunteered and worked for the Portable Antiquities Scheme, recording archaeological finds made by members of the public. She first joined the Pitt Rivers Museum in 2016, working on a project to pack and catalogue the Museum’s reserve collections, before moving to the British Museum to work on a similar project packing, moving and rehousing the stored ethnographic collections. She returned to the Pitt Rivers Museum as assistant curator in June 2018.

Featured project and exhibition

- Co-curator for Intrepid Women: Fieldwork in Action, 1910-1957, 15 October 2018 - 11 March 2019 (Pitt Rivers Museum)