Dr Vibe Nielsen

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Research Summary

Discussions about how museums can respectfully represent all parts of society and critically engage with their own colonial past have made way for new strategies of inclusion and have given previously untold stories new levels of attention. During this research fellowship I will examine the links between museums and activism and explore how recent calls for decolonisation impact museum practices in the leading ethnographic museums of the two most dominant former colonial powers in Europe, the United Kingdom and France. My main focus is the changing curatorial practices at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford and le Musée du Quai Branly in Paris, where debates about decolonisation and repatriation have been central in recent years.


PhD in Anthropology, University of Copenhagen 2019

Masters in Modern Culture, University of Copenhagen 2015

MA in Museum Studies, University College London 2012

BA in European Ethnology, University of Copenhagen 2010

Selected recent publications


In the absence of Rhodes: decolonizing South African universities

Nielsen, Vibe, 11 jan. 2021, I : Ethnic and Racial Studies. s. 396-414 19 s.



 Is Colonialism finally over?

Nielsen, Vibe, 13 jun. 2020, JP/Politikens Hus A/S


Hvis stemmer? Da kolonitiden for alvor kom på museum

Nielsen, Vibe, 29 jan. 2020, Baggrund.



Demanding Recognition: Curatorial Challenges in the Exhibition of Art from South Africa

Nielsen, Vibe, okt. 2019, Institut for Antropologi, Københavns Universitet. 221 s.



25 years after apartheid. Is South Africa finally healed?

Nielsen, Vibe, 26 apr. 2019, JP/Politikens Hus A/S.



Dealing with a Difficult Past – How Danish and British museums disseminate the international colonial trade and its present legacies

Nielsen, Vibe, 2017, I : Slagmark. 75, s. 81-94