Anna Grybenyuk

Job Summary

I work as the DAMS (Digital Asset Management System) manager and have day-to-day responsibility for the Pitt Rivers Museum’s digital assets relating to its collections, such as object photography, scans, 3D models, digital sound files, and films. This involves supporting collections staff in their workflows, training and support, uploading and managing assets within the DAMS, and improving system functions both for users and the assets themselves. I also work at the History of Science Museum and in close cooperation with other colleagues within GLAM.


I graduated in 2020 from University of St Andrews with an MLitt in Museum and Gallery Studies. My previous experience includes cataloguing the medical collection of the University of Dundee and creating a searchable database of the Scottish Fisheries Museum’s photographic collections, as well as managing volunteers to help catalogue it. Here at the Pitt Rivers Museum, I am committed to broadening collections access and documentation, and strive to maintain a digital asset system that is comprehensive and available to staff and researchers alike.