Mystery Art Challenge

Framed poster advertising Summer Art Challenge

In the summer of 2022 the Pitt Rivers Museum launched an exciting new project – the Mystery Art Challenge at the Inspiration Station!  

Every Wednesday during the Summer Holidays visitors were invited to get in touch with their creative side and engage with the collections in new ways. A range of free Mystery Art Challenges were available at our Inspiration Station, with each one featuring a unique, playful drawing prompt to get started. Drawing materials were provided and a team of wonderful volunteers introduced the activity and helped photograph the artworks. 

People of all ages were invited to take up the challenge.
View the gallery below to see highlights from the activities over the summer. 





We enjoyed having a closer look at the exhibits to find something to draw - just being 'forced' (🙂) to stop and look means you discover lots of fascinating objects/concepts.

Museum visitor

Absolutely loved this activity!  It was applicable to all ages and a fab source of learning!

Museum visitor