Takeover: Beyond Black History Month

Monday 28 October - Wednesday 30 October, 13.00 - 16.00 


Stories can be told in so many ways... passed down from person to person through song, dance and theatre, written down in books and in objects, illustrated in paintings and cloth. Each of us has many stories to tell and each object has many stories for us to listen to.

Come and create your own stories to tell, inspired by the storytelling of things from across the continent of Africa and the islands of the Caribbean.

Listen to Amantha's story of 1940s St Kitts and hear story songs from across Africa. Create crayon-print fabric and woven stories inspired by Rwandan Wax Cloth and Ghanaian Kente, and handle objects with many rich stories to tell.

This family programming is inspired by our work as members of the Oxfordshire Windrush Group, our partnership with the Museum of Colour and our research collaborations, Bearing Witness and Labelling Matters.