Spotlight on Multaka

Monday 29 January, 12.30 

Multaka logo on glass screen

MultakaOxford is an award-winning project currently running at the Pitt Rivers Museum and the History of Science Museum in Oxford. Funded by a generous donation from Alwaleed Philanthropies, Multaka, which means meeting point in Arabic, brings people together to share experience, knowledge and skills and to be a platform for cultural dialogue. Along with a hugely diverse range of events and activities, the project has been running a tour guide training programme at Pitt Rivers Museum since February 2023 to facilitate individuals to develop unique tours to share their personal knowledge of cultural objects in the collections.

Part of our Research Spotlights Series.

On the last Monday of the month join Pitt Rivers Museum researchers in the galleries for interactive talks bringing cutting-edge, cross-disciplinary research to life. In 2024, connect with objects and images from the collections and get to know the work of visual and evolutionary anthropologists, curatorial activists, health-care researchers and many other specialists who are accessing the museum to take then research in new directions and to connect with new people.

Where: Meet underneath the Star House Crest Pole (Haida Totem Pole) in the Museum's Court for talks to start at 12.30.

Who: All are welcome to attend from families to museum aficionados!

Accessibility: Talks will be wheelchair accessible, may involve material that can be handled and we can provide follow-up info over email for visitors.

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