Magical Multaka Tour

Tuesday 24 October, 13.30 - 14.00 

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Free, no booking required.

The tour is free and no booking is required but spaces are limited and are on a first come, first served basis, so please arrive 5 minutes before the tour is due to start to secure your place.

About the tour

Learn a bit about magic and tradition in the whirlpool of everyday life!

It's always interesting to know where people's beliefs began, how our ancestors protected their houses, how they remembered the dead and what was so unusual about the chimneys of old houses in England. Our journey will take a little time but it will cover several countries and - hopefully - capture the imagination.

About Alina, our tour guide

"Each of us has experienced magic in one way or another. Some of us may have read books about the Witcher and Harry Potter voraciously and then tried to find unusual creatures in the dark forest and looked out for an owl with a letter. In other cases, a beloved grandmother may have forbidden us to approach the water alone, because a mermaid ('Mother of Water' which is a creature in Tatar mythology) could drag you away. And some people are fascinated by ancient Egyptian mythology and rituals.

In my youth, I gradually went through all these stages and I still haven't become afraid of rivers and lakes (although my grandmother tried very hard to fix that!). All this made me think - why not try to learn about magic in the UK or about the rituals of the shamans of Siberia, because the museum provides such a great opportunity.

I don't promise I'll pronounce all the English words correctly in my excitement, but I'll be sincerely glad to share with you what has surrounded me in one way or another for many years." - Alina, Tour Guide

About Multaka

Multaka means 'meeting point' in Arabic.

MultakaOxford is a project currently running at the Pitt Rivers Museum and the History of Science Museum in Oxford. The project brings people together as a meeting point to share experience, knowledge and skills and be a platform for cultural dialogue. The project has been running a tour guide training programme since February 2023 to facilitate individuals to develop unique tours to share their personal knowledge of cultural objects in the museum.