Blue Carbon Habitats in Nature and Art: Coastal Ecosystems for a Healthy Planet

Saturday 6 November, 10.00 - 16.00 

Seaweed below water level

Old Library, Pitt Rivers Museum

Coastal ecosystems such as seagrasses and wetlands are diverse and under appreciated habitats that play a crucial role in the health of the planet, including as carbon stores. See behind the scenes of how scientists have teamed up with artists to produce creative interpretations of blue carbon habitats. Explore their series of video shorts and artworks, take part in 'blue' craft activities, and chat with the artists themselves. Scientists from the Oxford Seascape Ecology Lab will also be on hand to talk about why these areas of the ocean are so essential in helping to deal with the effects of climate change.

Suitable for everyone. This is a drop-in activity - just turn up!

This event will be led by Dr Lisa Wedding, School of Geography and Environment, University of Oxford, with artists Jenny Lines and Alejandra Mora Soto and members of the Oxford Seascape Ecology Lab.

Part of the 2021 ESRC Festival of Social Sciences.


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