Beyond the Binary: Accessible Exhibition Openings

Saturday 31 July 2021 - Saturday 26 February 2022, 13.00 - 14.00 

Beyond the Binary banner with activist slogans behind white harmonium

We welcome disabled and neurodivergent visitors to join us for our regular exhibition Quiet Hours, which allow for a more sensory-friendly experience. The noise and people levels will be reduced and a break-out space is available. Come and enjoy the exhibition in a stress-free environment to make the most of our huge range of content! It is open to all but please remember that our priority will be the safety and comfort of disabled and neurodivergent visitors. The space is wheelchair accessible. Please contact if you have any questions or additional requirements.

Download the full Beyond the Binary events programme.

Download the Beyond the Binary exhibition booklet.

Read Oxford University's Statement on Freedom of Speech at Events here.

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