Amber Spyglass and Mulefa Seedpods

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The Amber Spyglass and mulefa seed pods


A golden transparent disc


This amber spyglass, and the seed pods on display in the case above, were  used by the character Dr Mary Malone in the BBC HBO series His Dark Materials. In the Mulefa world, Mary discovers she can combine seedpod oil with pieces of amber in order to see Dust/ Shadow-particles for herself.


And when she looked through everything was changed. She could see Shadows.... sparkles of light, floating and drifting and sometimes moving in a current of purpose.
The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman


A film prop of two halves of a spherical seed pod with a hard dark brown shell and yellow flesh inside made of a foam material.

Seed pods from the mulefa world featured in the BBC HBO production of His Dark Materials with Bad Wolf.


To coincide with these film objects going on display, the museum is running schools sessions linked to His Dark Materials. These encourage students to reflect on the literary themes and characters in Philip Pullman's novels alongside usual interactions with the collections in the Museum and thinking about the many worlds represented through objects within the displays. 



Seeing Mary Malone in the other universe just makes me unbearably excited to see the mulefa and how the BBC has chosen to portray them!
Ayesha, Y12, Oxford Spires Academy 



I can’t wait to see the Amber Spyglass in action in the show! In the book, Mary Malone is able to see Shadow particles or 'Dust' by coating the lens with oil from the mulefa’s seed pods.
Freddie, Y8, Magdalen College School