Virtual Collections

Reel to Real
Reel to Real

Giving the Pitt Rivers Museum’s Sound Collections a Voice

Cook-Voyage Collections
cook voyage collections

One of the world's great collections of 18th century Pacific art and material culture

Rethinking Pitt-Rivers
The Blackfoot Shirts

Analyzing the activities of 19th century collector Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt-Rivers

Small Blessings
small blessings

Explore some of the amulet collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Body Art
Glass Scent Bottles

Exploring the Body Art collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Photographs of Arabia by Wilfred Thesiger
Thesiger's Arabia

Explore over 5,000 photographs taken in Arabia by the renowned traveller and photographer Sir Wilfred Thesiger

Scoping museum anthropology

Exploring the history and development of museum anthropology at Oxford

Southern Sudan
Glass Scent Bottles

Detailed catalogue of the collections from Southern Sudan held at the Museum

The Tibet Album
The Tibet album

6000 photographs spanning 30 years of Tibet's history

The Other Within
The Tibet album

Analysing the English collections at the Museum

Arms and Armour
Arms and armour

Explore over 200 highlights from the arms and armour collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Blackfoot shirts
The Blackfoot Shirts

These important items bring together cultural, historical, and artistic knowledge

Luo Visual
Luo photographs

Explore around 350 historical Luo photographs

Lower Gallery Archive
Dorothy Garrod

Look at the photographs and descriptions of a selection of objects from the Lower Gallery.

Congo Journey
Congo Journey

Photographs and Documents from Robert Hottot's Expedition to Central Africa site

Shields and Objects

Explore the history of anthropology & ethnography, and shields and weapons.

Transform -ations: The Art of Recycling

A celebration of human creativity through recycling and re-use

Centre for Anthropology and Photography

Promoting the archiving of anthropological fieldwork photographs

Thesiger Collection Photograph

Produce prints from a selection of images from the collection