Pitt Rivers Museum - Thesiger exhibition

Wilfred Thesiger’s Iraq, 1949-1958: Photographs of Travel


18 December 2004 – 17 April 2006

Wilfred Thesiger's Iraq Exhibition

Travelling by canoe. Marshes, southern Iraq, 1953. 2004.130.3691.1
Sir Wilfred Thesiger, who died in August 2003, aged 93, was one of the country’s best-known explorers and travel writers. Throughout his long life he photographed his journeys in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

This exhibition of over 50 photographs is a selection from the 4500 which he took in Iraq. While there he travelled in the Kurdish north and lived for much of the year among the Marsh Arabs of southern Iraq. Building close relationships with the people he met, Thesiger recorded everyday life in the Marshes, Thesiger's Iraq exhibition
The exhibition 'Wilfred Thesiger's Iraq,

1949-1958: Photographs of Travel'

on display at the Pitt Rivers Museum

as well as the spectacular landscapes in the north of the country. In a land riven successively by tyranny and war, these photographs form an incomparable and unique historical record.

The exhibition includes some of the classic images published in Thesiger’s books, but most are seen here for the first time. The exhibition is a collaborative project between the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford, and the Fox Talbot Museum (National Trust), Lacock, where it was first shown.