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  • Toys for Smiles - Help with the Syrian Refugee Crisis, 27 October - 3 November (download)
  • Contemporary Art Society Annual Award Shotlist (link)
  • Soundweaves - Basketry Plus exhibit at Pitt Rivers Museum (download)
  • Take a tour of the fantastic four - Museums at Night 2013 (download)
  • Visiting the Ancestors - The Blackfoot Shirts Project - March 2013 (download)
  • Andrea Stultiens: The Kaddu Wasswa Archive - February 2013 (download)
  • Pitt Rivers Museum wins £1m Heritage Lottery Funding (download)
  • Pitt Rivers Museum wins Arts Council England funding for ‘Excavating Pitt-Rivers’ Project(download)
  • Cheltenham Illustartion awards exhibition 2012 - Tales of Magical Objects (download)
  • Artist residency at the Pitt Rivers Museum and OCM (download)
  • Exhibition of artwork by first Aboriginal Australian student at Oxford (download)
  • Curious new paintings at Pitt Rivers (download)
  • VERVE (Visitors, Engagement, Renewal, Visibility, Enrichment) wins Heritage Lottery Fund support(download)
  • Ames Anthropology Award goes to the Blackfoot Shirts Project - December 2011 (download)
  • New Iron Age arrives at the Pitt Rivers Museum - November 2011 (download)
  • Made for Trade Exhibition (download)
  • Clore Award for Museum Learning 2011 (download)
  • Discover your local Museums In a Different Light (download)
  • Pictures worth a thousand words: Developing a digital image bank at the Pitt Rivers Museum - Esmée Fairbairn (download)
  • People Apart: Cape Town survey 1952: Photographs by Bryan Heseltine (download)
  • ‘Making Museums’ project longlisted for Clore Award for Museum Learning (download)
  • Oxford Brookes art foundation students' exhibition at the Pitt Rivers Museum (download)
  • The Curious Nature of Objects: Paintings by Sue Johnson (download)
  • Disciples of a Crazy Saint: The Buchen of Spiti Photographs by Patrick Sutherland (download)
  • Something for every body: letting loose the Museumʼs cross-cultural collections of body arts and ornaments - Research project (download)
  • Wilfred Thesiger in Africa: A Centenary Exhibition (download)
  • SHIELDS, SPEARS AND SAMURAI...Upper Gallery re-opening 1 May 2010 (download)
  • The Burial of Emperor Haile Selassie - Photographs by Peter Marlow (download)
  • DisGUISE and DOLLS work inspired by the displays by Oxford Brookes students (download)
  • DCMS/Wolfson Foundation's Museum and Galleries Improvement Fund award (download)
  • Exhibition: 'Photographs of Central Asia' and 'Across the Caucasus' 2009 (download)
  • Exhibition: Objects in Performance 2009 (download)
  • Taking the Past into the Future: Redevelopment project 2008 – 09 (download)
  • Historic Blackfoot Shirts to visit Canada 2009 (download)
  • International research network - Haida (download)
  • New extension 2005 - 07 (download)

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