Alicia Bell

Job Summary

As Collections Database Assistant, Alicia is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the Museum’s collections databases. As the main point of contact for users of the Museum’s collections management system and digital asset management system, Alicia works with colleagues from across the Collections team.
Alongside the Collections Database Officer, Alicia is working with colleagues on the CMS-DAMS Project to prepare collections data for migration to new systems.


Alicia studied at the University of Manchester, receiving a BA in Archaeology in 2012; in 2014 she completed her MA in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester.
Alicia has worked at a number of museums in London and the South. She first joined the Pitt Rivers Museum in 2016, working on a project to catalogue and pack the Museum’s reserve collections for a store move. She then moved to the Science Museum to manage a team packing stored collections for the large-scale “One Collection” project, before returning to the Pitt Rivers Museum as Collections Database Assistant in January 2020.