Take One… Object

Take One… Object is an exciting way to inspire creative learning across the primary curriculum.  The idea is to focus on one object which acts as a springboard for pupils’ imaginative and critical thinking.  Take One… works well as a creative curriculum project which can be embraced by individual classes, year groups or whole schools.

Book a supporting KS1&2 workshop in the Museum.

Session length: 75 minutes

Cost: £100

Take One… Teacher INSET available.  For more information and booking email education@prm.ox.ac.uk

Take One… Totem Pole

The Museum totem pole acts as a springboard for pupils’ creative thinking as they find out the story of this 11.36m cedar pole.  People, place, story and identity are all key lines of enquiry.  Download Teacher Notes (PDF)

Take One… Tahitian Mourner’s Costume

Take this Tahitian Mourner’s Costume, and find out the story of how and why it was collected on Captain Cook's Second Voyage of the Pacific (1772-75).  Pupils explore the materials used to make this magnificent costume and design their own costume for a celebration. Explorers, Costumes and Ceremonies, and Materials are all key lines of enquiry. Download Teacher Notes (PDF)