Heather Richardson


Heather Richardson has been a conservator at the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford, since 2001 and Head of Conservation since 2008. She received a BA (Hons) in Conservation and Restoration from De Montfort University (now the University of Lincoln) in 1998. During the final year of her studies Heather undertook an internship at the Royal British Columbia Museum, Canada, where she was able to research her dissertation ‘Totem Poles: Treatments and Ethical Issues involved in their Conservation’. After graduating Heather spent a year at Marischal Museum, University of Aberdeen as an intern in ethnographic conservation through the Historic Scotland internship scheme. This was followed by contracts at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, The British Museum, London, and a 3-month Andrew W Mellon Fellowship at the National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution. Heather became an accredited conservator-restorer (ACR) in 2007, with a specialism in ethnographic conservation.


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Papers, Posters, Lectures

2015 ‘A New Dialogue: Conservators working with source communities’ Museum of Cultural History, departmental seminar, University of Oslo

2013 [with Ellen Perlstein] Poster, ‘The future of conservation in ethnographic museums.’ The Future of Ethnographic Museums Conference, Oxford

2013 [with Andrew Hughes, Kate Jackson, Jeremy Uden, Tracey Wedge]  “Who Cares? One man’s sacred is another man’s “curiosity””Sensitive Objects in Ethnographic MuseumsRIME – International Network of Ethnographic Museums, laboratory session, Madrid

2011 [with Kate Jackson] Poster, ‘The Conservation of an Early Gut Skin Sail from the Hudson Strait’.  ICOM-CC 16th Triennial Conference, Lisbon

2011 Poster, ‘Japanese Noh Theatre Masks: Hidden secrets and conservation issues’. The life of things – the preservation of ethnographic objects and their stories. Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kunste Stuttgart

2011 ‘Lending a Helping Hand: The PRM conservator’s role in the Blackfoot Shirts Project’. Blackfoot Project Conference, Pitt Rivers Museum

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2009 [with Kate Jackson] ‘A New Dialogue: Conservators working with source communities’.  Museums, Curators, and Communities: Embedded approaches to participation, collaboration, inclusion conference, Horniman Museum, London

Curated exhibitions

2015 [with Andrew Hughes and Jeremy Uden] ‘Preserving What is Valued: A World of Repairs’. Pitt Rivers Museum, 2015

2015 [with Andrew Hughes and Jeremy Uden]  ‘Celebrating Imperfection: Ceramics mended during the kintsugi residency and their stories’. Pitt Rivers Museum

Committees and advisory panels

2013 Advisor on “Cultures of Conservation” a five-year project at Bard Graduate Center, NYC, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

2007-2016 Trustee, Leather Conservation Centre, Northampton.