Talks, Tours & Workshops

Friday 2 March - Saturday 3 March, 10.00 - 16.30 £175 (Includes tuition, materials, behind the scenes tour & lunches) FULLY BOOKED

Learn how to weave patterned Sámi bands using a double slotted heddle and backstrap with Susan Foulkes, designer/weaver, author and Durham Weaver blogger. The course will take place over 2 days and will include an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the Conservation Lab with the Pitt Rivers Head of Conservation, looking at band weaving artefacts in the Museum. Included in the costs are booklets of patterns, threads, a ready prepared 9 pattern slot heddle and shuttle and a sandwich lunch on both days. Suitable for beginners or more experienced weavers wanting to extend their skills. Limited numbers. Book here.

Saturday 3 March, 11.00 - 12.00

A unique opportunity to go behind-the-scenes with Senior Curator, Professor Laura Peers, and learn about the challenges and opportunities of working closely with Indigenous communities. You will be able to see Haida objects out of their cases in the research space, and have a focused tour of the Museum to learn about collaborations with Indigenous scholars and craftspeople. Professor Laura Peers has built relationships between the Museum and Indigenous communities of origin for the collections since 1998. Ages 16+. £10, booking essential. Book here.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays 14.30 and 15.15

Volunteer-led introductory tour of the Museum. Tours last about 20 minutes. No booking necessary. Please gather at the Information point 5 minutes before the start of each tour.

Every Saturday 11.00 - 13.00

Object handling in the Pitt Rivers. Discover more about wonderful and fascinating objects from the museum’s collection.

Every Sunday 10.40 – 11.40

Still a good time of the week for a relaxed visit - space to draw, a chance to study or simply to stand and stare. At 10.45 watch a 45minute audio-visual presentation featuring Sir David Attenborough, introducing many familiar, and some easily missed, treasures of the collections. This is followed by Welcome to My Museum (11.30, 10 minutes), a short film imagining a meeting between the two Victorian founders of the Pitt Rivers Museum and our neighbour, the Museum of Natural History.

More ways to add variety to your visit to the Pitt Rivers

Lectures and Events

A programme of lectures and events are held by the Friends of the Pitt Rivers.