Planning a Visit - Practicalities


Hands on visitBooking is essential for all groups.  Further details and booking information


We require a ratio of 1 adult to 10 children under the age of 18.

Parking and coaches

The Museums are unable to provide parking facilities for visiting school groups. Coaches are usually able to drop-off in Museum Road or St Giles.


There is limited space available for lunch bookings. If you would like a space for lunch, please discuss this when making your booking. Lunch can be eaten on the Museum lawn and in the nearby University Parks in fine weather.  No eating or drinking is allowed in the Museum.  

Disabled visitors

Parking for disabled badge holders is situated at the rear of the Museum. The Museums has wheelchair access. Please speak to Museum staff for details. To help make the most of your visit to the Pitt Rivers, please download the access information booklet for visitors with disabilities. (pdf)

decorative images

Art materials

Graphite pencils, coloured pencils, fine-line pens, biros, collage materials such as tissue paper, fabric and string, scissors, water-based glue sticks and staplers may all be used. If you decide to do collage in the Museum you must ensure that you do not leave any mess behind. Boards without clips may be used. No wet materials, charcoal or pastels.

Emergency procedures

If the Museum has to be evacuated for any reason, please follow the Visitor Assistants and leave the building as directed.



The Museum has a well stocked book and gift shop. The shop is small so please organise your groups to visit in parties of just 10 at a time.

Flash photography

Flash photography is allowed in both museums, but tripods are not permitted in the Pitt Rivers Museum.