Working with Haida People


  The Pitt Rivers Museum’s collections of historical material from Haida Gwaii are an important resource for Haida people today. The Museum has developed an ongoing relationship with the Haida Nation and the Haida Gwaii Museum to provide access to heritage items for Haida people and to better understand Haida objects in its care. We have had several exciting research projects with Haida people.

The Great Box Project

Haida Material Culture in UK Museums


In September 2014, Haida artists Gwaai and Jaalen Edenshaw came to the Pitt Rivers Museum to make an exact replica of the “Great Box,” a masterpiece of Haida art at the Pitt Rivers Museum. Read further...

haida box

In September 2009, twenty one delegates from the Haida First Nation travelled to the United Kingdom to work with museum collections and form an International Research Network with the Pitt Rivers Museum and British Museum. Read further...

haida material culture