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The Museum has a number of sound and film archive collections and regularly produces new multimedia resources. This page provides links to our official channels on other sites and services as well as highlights from across the collections.

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Camel: A Journey through Fragile Landscapes

This slideshow presents a selection of work by Roger Chapman from his major international photography project premiered at the Pitt Rivers Museum in 2017. Camel: A Journey through Fragile Landscapes is a story of connection, survival and interdependence on the edges of our world. From the dry heat of the Sahara to the bitter cold of the Mongolian steppe, camels are at the heart of pastoral communities in some of the harshest desert environments on the planet. From prized possession to food source, they are a cultural linch-pin. Herdsmen, shepherds and sheikhs alike depend on their animals for livelihood, companionship and status. Further Information

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Hand-coloured studio photograph of a Japanese man. Circa mid-1870s (by 1885). [PRM 1998.99.33]











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