New Iron Age

Cast iron sculpture made in response to the Pitt Rivers collection

24 November 2011 - 23 January 2012

An exhibition of work and work in progress by tutors at The Bullpen Foundry.  Experienced tutors Wesley Jacobs, Steve Hurst, Kate Hobby, Helen Jacobs (UK) and Daniel Hunt (Kansas, USA) recently led a workshop in metal casting for artists. The artists were shown how to use different mould-making methods, operate the furnace and pour the molten iron. The tutors visited the Pitt Rivers to inspire and inform their own small pieces of sculpture which will be displayed in the Museum. 

New Iron Age sculpture


Artists participating in the workshop also visited the Museum as context for their course. Their work, along with drawings produced during Big Draw sessions for community groups held in the Museum galleries, will be displayed in a linked exhibition at The Bullpen Gallery from 29 October - 11 December.