Helen Adams

Helen Adams (MA) Project Curator and Engagement Officer (VERVE)

Helen trained in history, languages and museum studies. Since joining the Pitt Rivers in 2007 she has worked on a succession of collections-based research projects funded by Designation Development Fund and Arts Council England, focussing on diverse themes such as weaponry, amulets, body arts, and traditional crafts, and authoring major gallery and web resources for each. From 2012–2017 she is managing the Museum’s major Heritage Lottery Funded VERVE project (https://www.prm.ox.ac.uk/needmakeuse).

Research interests include learning and interpretation in museums, digital engagement, audience research, and a subject specialism in global arms and armour.

Helen is a member of the Oxfordshire Museums Council committee and continues to work as a consultant in evaluation for institutions such as the Victoria and Albert Museum; the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford; the Science Museum; and the British Museum.


Seminars, Papers, Publications and Broadcast Media

2018 'Eating for an Environmentally Sustainable Future', Medium (University of Oxford), April 26 2018, https://bit.ly/2IIltN8

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2017. ‘Authorship and Ownership: Writing about other people’s stuff’, What's the Story: Creating Text that connects with Audiences, Museums Association conference, Bristol

2016. Interview, 'The Design Dimension: Money Money Money', BBC Radio 4 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b076hrcj

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2010. Contributor, ‘Present Arms: Approaches to Displaying Arms and Armour’ by Simon Stephens, Museums Journal, May 2010, 32–37

2009. ‘Developing Displays at the Pitt Rivers Museum, from Aboriginal Art to Firearms’, Museum Ethnography at Home, Museum Ethnographers Group Annual Conference and AGM, Department of Archaeology, University of Bristol

Regular articles for the Friends of PRM Magazine, 2008–2013, including pieces on digital technologies; body art, Orthodox icons, Aboriginal Art and Arms and Armour: https://oxford.academia.edu/HelenAdams/Papers-&-articles


Web Credits

Oxford Stories web app (2016-2018)

How VERVE Changed Us (2017)

Oxford University Museums app in Chinese-English (2017)

Need/Make/Use project blog (2013–2016)


First World War Trail App (2016)


Pitt Rivers Museum audio guide (2014)


Explore Oxford University Museums App (2013)


Small Blessings: Amulets at the Pitt Rivers Museum (2012)


Ruskin College collaboration: films and resources charting volunteer experiences (2010–2012)


Some Thing for Every Body: the Body Arts collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum (2011)


Breaking the Mould: documentary following a team of artists and metalworkers as they create new work for the Museum, revealing the secrets of metal casting along the way (2011)


Arms and Armour Virtual Gallery, Pitt Rivers Museum (2008)


PRM Introductory Guides – Japanese Arms and Armour, Defensive Weapons & Aboriginal Australia (2007–2011) https://www.prm.ox.ac.uk/factsheet