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Our website header is intended to give you a hint of the diverse range of objects that you will encounter when you visit the Museum.

See below for Information, images and a Museum location for each of the objects. If you would like to know more, use the objects accession number to search our online object database.

Geomantic compass

Geomantic compassOrigin: China
Accession number: 1935.75.1
Location: Court case 125A – Divination

Circular playing card

Circular playing cardOrigin: India
Accession number: 1886.1.8.1-.124
Location: Lower Gallery case 89A – Gambling Games

Divination apparatus

Divination apparatusOrigin: Nigeria
Accession number: 1922.67.15-.18
Location: Court case 125A – Divination


Feathered cloakOrigin: Hawaiian Islands
Accession number: 1951.10.61
Location: Court case 50B – Feathered Cloaks

Demon mask

Demon MaskOrigin: Indonesia
Accession number: 1912.54.2
Location: Court case, above case 5A

Noh mask

Noh MaskOrigin: Japan
Accession number: 1884.114.9
Location: Court case 4A – Masks


DrumOrigin: People's Republic of Congo
Accession number: 1884.109.15
Location: Court case 156A – Human Form in Art

Head ornament

head ornamentOrigin: Papua New Guinea
Accession number: 1981.36.17
Location: Court case 155A – Animal Form in Art

Historical labels

Rectangular label text:

Label for a stoppered bottle containing a witchSilvered & stoppered bottle said to contain a witch. Obtained about 1915 from an old lady living in a village near HOVE, SUSSEX. She remarked " and they do say there be a witch in it, and if you let un out there'll be a peck o' trouble." Pres. by Miss M. A. Murray, 1926.

Object accession number: 1926.6.1
Location: Court case 31A – Magic, Witchcraft and Trial by Ordeal

Large round label text:

Label for nostril clipS. INDIA, MADRAS, TUTICORIN Nostril clip used by Arab pearl divers in India and Ceylon, to stop breathing Purch.1926

Object accession number: 1926.93.1
This object is not on display.

Small round label text:

label for iron razor used in 'crossing the line' ceremoniesIron "razor" used by sailors for the ceremony of "crossing the line". ENGLISH.

Object accession number: 1884.100.29
Location: Lower Gallery case 90A – Games and Puzzles