The Crafty Networking Initiative

Crafty Networking is an Initiative to support craft-workers, designers and artists to make positive connections with like-minded people. We endeavor to put makers, sellers, bloggers, buyers and enthusiasts in touch to discuss their work, share skills and interests, meet people who may be able to help with the commercial success of their work, and connect them with the rich and inspirational collections at the Pitt Rivers.

Crafty Networking is a collaborative programme between the VERVE project at the Pitt Rivers, the O3 Gallery and Darn It & Stitch. Crafty networking events take places four times a year.


Previous Crafty Networking speakers:

Jay Blades, director of Out of the Dark
Barnaby Carder, AKA carver 'Barn the Spoon'
Jamie Chalmers, needleworker 'Mr X Stitch'
Sherry Doyle, of Basketry Plus
Felicity Ford, creator of Knitsonik
Tortie Hoareleatherworker and furniture maker
Phillip JonesIllustrator
Aimee Payton, organiser of 'The Big Stitch'
Catherine Warrilow, Director of Seriously PR