International Bagpipe Day

9 March 2013

What connects Chaucer’s Miller, Henry VIII, Alastair Campbell and Bob Dylan?

Well, it’s bagpipes of course. And, If you thought bagpipes were exclusively Scottish, think again! Bagpipes have been played since Antiquity and are found right across Western and Eastern Europe, in North Africa, the Middle East and India.

International Bagpipe Day is an annual celebration of the world’s bagpipes and piping traditions initiated by the Bagpipe Society in 2012. This year we warmly invite you to come and celebrate International Bagpipe Day at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford.

  • a chance to try or buy a bagpipe
  • demonstrations by some of the UK’s best bagpipers
  • Storytelling
  • makers’ and societies’ stalls
  • a series of public talks by experts in their field