Talks, Tours & Workshops

Saturday 12 May, 10.30 - 16.30 £90 (includes all materials and lunch)

A one-day workshop to learn methods and media to portray the moving figure with reportage artist, illustrator and experienced tutor, Amanda Beck. Starting with an exclusive tour of the museum's Egyptian artefacts to set the mood, students will then be given a unique opportunity to sketch Aimee, an experienced Egyptian dancer. Along with support and demonstrations, students will be encouraged to explore intuitive approaches to drawing, as well as experimenting with techniques and materials. The course will cover mark making to music form, movement, rhythm and gestural drawing. Use of materials and a sandwich lunch included. All abilities welcome. Book here.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays 14.30 and 15.15

Volunteer-led introductory tour of the Museum. Tours last about 20 minutes. No booking necessary. Please gather at the Information point 5 minutes before the start of each tour.

Every Saturday 11.00 - 13.00

Object handling in the Pitt Rivers. Discover more about wonderful and fascinating objects from the museum’s collection.

Every Sunday 10.40 – 11.40

Still a good time of the week for a relaxed visit - space to draw, a chance to study or simply to stand and stare. At 10.45 watch a 45minute audio-visual presentation featuring Sir David Attenborough, introducing many familiar, and some easily missed, treasures of the collections. This is followed by Welcome to My Museum (11.30, 10 minutes), a short film imagining a meeting between the two Victorian founders of the Pitt Rivers Museum and our neighbour, the Museum of Natural History.

More ways to add variety to your visit to the Pitt Rivers

Lectures and Events

A programme of lectures and events are held by the Friends of the Pitt Rivers.