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Moulding Leather Workshop 

Thursday 28 May, 13.00 - 16:30 & Friday 29 May, 10.00 - 13:30

Discover the wonderful mouldable properties of vegetable-tanned leather in this practical workshop. Create your own mould or former on the first day, and learn how to polish, decorate, seal and edge-finish your object on the next, turning it into a bowl, box, tray, purse or other small container.

As background to this course, Pitt Rivers' Visiting Maker in Leather, Katherine Pogson, will share her research into moulded leather containers from the collection, including bottles from Sudan and Turkey, and gunpowder flasks from Africa.

Price £10 - Limited tickets (participants must be aged 14+) | Book Now


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The Embaire Xylophone Returns! 

Thursday 28 May, 14.00-16.00 (Free)

BK LUWO, a United Women’s Organisation based in Cowley, have joined the Museum to decorate a giant Embaire xylophone from Uganda. Over three workshops, the women of BK LUWO designed and painted the panels on the Embaire's resonators, transforming the plain wooden boxes into colourful celebrations of Uganda, Africa, women and the communities that unite this group and Oxford. We will welcome the Embaire back to the museum through Ugandan music, songs and a jam session. facebook group


Last Mughal

William Dalrymple

author of The Last Mughal

In performance with Vidya Shah, musician

Friday 5 June, 18.15

Oxford University Museum Lecture Theatre Parks Road, Oxford

Enter a lost world of music and poetry as more than 300 years of Mughal rule approached its end at the hands of the British in 1857. William Dalrymple, award-winning historian and author of The Last Mughal, in performance with the celebrated North Indian vocalist Vidya Shah, take us back to a bygone era of matchless splendour, bringing to life a world of emperors, poets, courtesans, politics, bayonets, intrigue and love, through word and music.logo

And afterwards – food and drinks in the Pitt Rivers Museum until 21.00

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The Body and Beyond: constructing and transcending the human form

3, 10, 17 & 24 June, 17.30-20.00

Fully Booked

Over the course of four interactive evening workshops you’ll deconstruct and challenge ‘Western’ conventions to define, represent and think about the ‘body’ while exploring cross-cultural ways of ‘making’ the body and constructing its meaning.

Uniquely, objects will be taken off display for students to draw, and some sessions will include life drawing in the galleries.

Participants must be aged 18+.

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Decorating Leather Workshop

Saturday 25 July, 10.00 - 16:30

Learn how to create intricately patterned leather with embossed elements and raised surface details, using vegetable-tanned leather, stamping tools and lino-cutting techniques.

Inspired by the rich cultures within the Museum collections, you will design your own decorative surface pattern, transfer onto leather and make into a unique hand-stitched purse or other object.

Price £10 - Limited tickets (participants must be aged 14+) | Book Now